103.3 Earth FM, Greenville Heritage Federal Credit Union, and Greenville County Animal Care are partnering to support pet adoption and help the Shelter find great homes for dogs and cats.

Help these pets find a forever home!


  • Hey everyone, I’m Edith! I’m the best kind of chocolate, a chocolate retriever mix! I’ve been around the block a few times, ten years to be exact. I’m sweet like candy and my eyes match my fur. I am heartworm positive and would love for someone awesome to donate towards my treatment. Come see me. I would love to find my forever home soon! (Animal ID: 34730914)
  • Hey, I’m Cam. I am one big (literally) love bug. I have some age on me, seven years to be exact. That means I know a lot of stuff. I am good with people and other dogs because I am laid-back and mellow. We could go on walks together to get our exercise. Trust me, I won’t cause problems, I’m already house trained so I’ll know how to act in your home. I just want someone to call family. (Animal ID: 34521788)
  • Hey everybody. My name is Artis, and I am one cute puppy. I am a Terrier, Pit Bull mix, and I’m just over a year old. I’m looking for my forever family. I think I would be perfect for “all the single ladies, all the single ladies” or guys too. I’ll be a great companion, and I’ll protect my family. Come see me soon! (Animal ID: 34549107)
  • My name's Ragu. I’m a two year old Terrier, American Staffordshire mix. I’ve got a great smile that makes me extra cute. I love to cuddle and be around people (I especially love kids). I’m pretty calm so people say I’m a “mama dog.” I enjoy going on walks and meeting new people. I'm loyal, I love food and I love people. I am heartworm positive, but that doesn’t stop me from living a full, happy life. Will you be my forever family?! (Animal ID 34501861)
  • There’s Lizzie McGuire, but I’m Lizzy from Animal Care. I’m a super cute Chihuahua mix with seven years of experience. I may be small, but I’ve got some big love to give to my family. Adopt me, and I’ll be singing “this is what dreams are made of!” (Animal ID 34721410)
  • Sup Y’all, I’m Pooch, and I am one cool pooch. I’m a mix of all kinds cool breads, Great Dane with a little bit of Retriever. I’m pretty laid back, and I like to chill with my friends. I have lived a whole eight years, and I really want to find my forever home soon. I am heartworm positive, but my friends at GCAC are helping me out with that. You can help too with donations. That would be so cool! Come see me soon! (Animal ID: A34383795)
  • Our friends at Greenville County Animal Care are building a NO KILL community and you can join the movement this holiday season!!!
  • ANIMAL CARE TO SERVE AS "PRIMARY SOURCE CENTER" DURING STATE OF EMERGENCY. FACILITIES CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC UNTIL MONDAY, OCTOBER 10. Along with people come their pets. Greenville County Animal Care will serve as a primary source pet shelter for Charleston County residents who have been evacuated from the coast. Greenville County is preparing to host more than 400 animals. In order to best serve our friends during this state of emergency, Animal Care is suspending all regular daily activities. Those with appointments at our Wellness Clinic have been notified. Adoptions and all other regular Greenville County Animal Care functions will resume on Monday, Oct. 10th. Basically, as it relates to the general public, Animal Care will be closed until then. We are diligently working with numerous local and national pet rescue groups in an attempt to get our current pet population adopted or fostered. However, we do have the space to properly accommodate our current population and those expected to arrive throughout the week. Those wishing to support Animal Care during this time of crisis can do so via the Second Chance Fund. This is a link to www.greenvillecounty.org/acs/donate.asp